Our highly trained staff are the best in their field. They are highly qualified and have a reputation of being extremely knowledgeable of the underwater wildlife and the different sites in Sharm El Sheikh. In Pirates Dive Club we make sure that our diving instructors are kept up to date of the different aspects of safety including CPR and general safety precautions.

Our trainers, Mohamed El Garib, Moody Mehanna with the help of Fadel as their assistant, are amongst the veterans in the diving field. They know all the ins and outs of every location. They will make sure you do not miss out on any detail.

Mohamed El Garib is a Padi instructor who has been living in Sharm since 1988. He has trainer hundreds of students some of which have developed an addiction to the Red Sea and come back year after year to join him on his dives. Whether underwater, or on board, With Mohamed you will find it hard to blink, he will make sure you are kept entertained and well informed of every species, and of course, his Egyptian humour is hard to resist.

Moody Mehanna is a Padi instructor who has been living in Sharm since 1994. Moody is the front to our Pirates Dive Club as he is responsible for answering your e-mails and organizing the trips as well as managing the different activities of the dive club. As a diving instructor, Moody has developed a long list of previous students, some of whom went on to become instructors themselves. Catch him cracking jokes at the end of the day while making sure you enjoyed your day's activity and setting you up with an exciting plan for tomorrow.

Fadel is our know it all, and do it all guy. With a warm smile and a great attitude, he is always willing to help out when needed. You can find him filling up tanks, washing equipments, and loading and unloading for the various trips. Make sure you stop by the office and give him a warm hello, he works hard and he deserves it.

Diving is our passion, and we will make sure it becomes yours as well.